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Iora Barkskipper

Netherstorm is an open, sandbox game using the Thunderhead RPG System, in which you have free reign over your destiny.  Are you a carpenter with dreams of becoming the leader of the largest merchant's guild on Thelal? Are you a delinquent street urchin, destined to lead armies and conquer evil? Or, are you a simple apprentice to a priest in your small hometown, with designs on being the head of your order?  The choice is entirely up to you.

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Special Announcement:

Exciting news. Awhile back we submitted our flagship product, Netherstorm, to d-Infinity for their first annual d-Infinity Independent Game Awards.

We made the finals, and with the awards ceremony one month away (Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas), they have opened up the voting to the public. Click the link below and vote for Netherstorm!

News & Events

  • We are regularly adding new material for Netherstorm to the forums.  Click the Community link above to join the forums and take part in all things Netherstorm.

  • We have recently begun Alpha playtesting for Netherstorm Advanced.  This isn't actually second edition Netherstorm, because it isn't going to replace our first release of Netherstorm.  When we published our first release, we wanted to put out a basic game at approximately $20, that a group could use to run a full, long-term campaign.  Netherstorm Advanced is an expansion on Netherstorm.  An accurate comparison would be Basic D&D compared to Advanced D&D.  Netherstorm Advanced is a long way down the road, but even when it is released, Nethertorm will still be fully supported.

    In the meantime, if you are interested in getting in on the Alpha test of NA, join the forum by clicking the Community link and registering for the forums.  Then, simply click Contact, send us your forums info and let us know you want to playtest.  Within 24 hours, we will give you access to the playtest threads in the forums, including all the playtest files.

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